web places

Impress your customers by strengthening your corporate identity, with a dynamic online presence.

Either it is about your online store or your personal blog, a functional and beautiful website is the least nowadays users expect.

Highlight your business, your idea or your products with a professional, easy-to-use and functional website.

what site do you need?


An e-commerce site is an e-shopping site where users can buy products or services from your company.

A powerful e-commerce website makes it easy to navigate your products, lets the user filter by category, highlights special sales such as new or discounted products, and allows the user to shop easily and quickly.

A business website is dedicated to representing a specific business. It should have the same logo and brand and communicate to customers the types of products or services offered by the company.

Today, every business must have a website. It is an expectation that your customers already have. They also assume that if they search the internet for more information, they will find a website. And if they don't find it, they assume the business is less professional.

A business website encourages visitors to contact you for more information or to come to your headquarters if they are interested in becoming your customers.

Portfolio sites are dedicated to displaying examples of previous work. Service providers who want to show their potential customers the quality of the work they provide can use a portfolio site to display some of the best examples of previous work they have done. This type of site focuses more on a specific task: displaying work samples.

This type of website is more common for creative professionals and freelancers, who are hired based on proven skills and can be a more effective alternative than a business website.

A blog has articles, photos and videos that are updated regularly. Blogs started with simpler, more personal content but today even large businesses have their own blog. Adding good content improves the overall reliability of a company or individual. Blogs also provide material for social media posts and email campaigns.

However, a blog can become a burden for smaller companies. Make sure you already have the team and a strategy to keep the content fresh before you start one. It's really better not to have a blog than to have a bad blog.